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If you want to car share in Birmingham visit the new carshare Birmingham site:


carshare Birmingham is only available for businesses and organisations in the City. For further information or to sign up your company please visit the website or email:


Trial Car Share Lane (A47 Heartlands Spine Road)

The lane will be marked out on the road…

On Monday 19th November 2007, the first Car Share Lane in the West Midlands will come into operation in Birmingham. The Car Share Lane will be on the A47 Heartlands Spine Road, between Spitfire Island and Ashted Circus. This will be in the nearside lane towards the city centre from 07:00 to 10:00, Monday to Friday, for a trial period of 12 months.

The impacts will be closely monitored, including vehicle occupancy levels, journey times and traffic congestion. Results of the trial will be used to determine Birmingham City Council’s future policy on Car Share Lanes.

Reasons to Car Share

The intention behind car sharing is to improve vehicle occupancy on major routes into Birmingham City Centre: currently 4 out of 5 vehicles in Birmingham in peak hours carry only the driver. Increasing vehicle occupancy would help to reduce the number of vehicles, and hence reducing traffic congestion and improving journey times, amongst other benefits.

More details on the Car Share Lane are available at www.birmingham.gov.uk/carsharelane

In order to provide a means for potential car-sharers to make contact, a website has been created by the Council’s TravelWise team, which can be used by businesses to match potential car sharers within their organisation. This is available at www.carsharebirmingham.org.uk

Download the carshare Birmingham Flyer