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Cycle Training

Training for children

Cycling is a healthy and relatively cheap mode of transport available to people of all ages. It is a skill for life which can be easily achieved with suitable appropriate training. Child cycle training courses are provided across the West Midlands through local authorities or Health Care trusts which aim to promote the benefits of cycling to future generations.

Courses are aimed at children aged between 9 and 16 years although advanced courses are available for older students. Appropriate skills are taught either in traffic free environments or at realistic road sites where the children will be cycling on a regular basis. The overall aim is to get more children cycling more safely, more often.

Training for adults

If you are an adult looking to start cycling for the first time, or already a cyclist who wants to develop skills and confidence further, cycle training can help you! It isn’t just for children – the national standards have been developed to ensure training is of the highest quality, delivered on real roads and with real situations.

As a beginner you will begin on level 1 in a controlled environment away from traffic. You learn the essential basic skills, including starting, pedalling, stopping, control, and manoeuvring. Your instructor will also be able to share their experiences and help get you “on your bike”.

Level 2 of the standards follows on from level 1, and introduces on-road situations. Starting in quiet roads, you will experience real life situations and how to deal with them, giving you the confidence and experience to progress to more complex scenarios.

Once you are confident with level 2, you may progress to level 3, which covers dealing with hazards, planning routes and riding in all types of road conditions. Once level 3 is complete you will be a competent, consistent and confident cyclist!

In the West Midlands, most local authorities provide cycle training for adults, either one to one or for small groups. There is normally a small charge for this service.

Further information about local child cycle training schemes can be obtained from your local council; Police or Health authority or visiting the Cycle Training West Midland website.