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Cycling and the Local Transport Plan

Cycling is an important element of the overall transport strategy for the Metropolitan Area. This is reflected in the vision for cycling contained in the current West Midlands Local Transport Plan (LTP) published in March 2006:

Â…cycling would be common place in an environment where people can make direct, attractive, safe and comfortable journeys by bicycle.

The West Midlands authorities are working towards this vision via four areas of activity contained in the LTP Cycling Strategy – cycle infrastructure, training, promotion and integration. We wish to raise levels of cycling to help tackle road congestion and air quality problems (via mode shift from cars), enhance accessibility and social inclusion (cycling is quick over relatively short distances and affordable) and for personal health benefits.

Although local levels of cycling are below the national average, and have been declining for a number of years, the LTP target for cycle use is “a 1% increase in the cycling index between 2003/4 and 2010/11”. At the end of 2006/7, an increase of 10% had been achieved on the baseline figure.