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Optional Modules


(currently only applicable to Napier, Edinburgh)

FREIGHT TRANSPORT (not available by distance learning)

This module examines the background to, and roles of, the different modes of freight transport. The syllabus covers: recent trends in modal split; road haulage; inter-modal technologies; shipping; air freight; legal requirements and regulatory control; government policy; future developments; freight as part of the production and distribution system; evolution of logistics concepts and practices; distribution strategies; elements of the logistical system (i.e. inventory management, warehousing and materials handling systems, freight transport, logistical information systems); restructuring of logistical systems; green logistics.


Syllabus covers: modes and system characteristics; demand by mode and demand modelling; network planning & it’s relationship to land use and population density (stops, route & frequency selection), bus priority, LRT, rail; master planning of terminals, land use, location, environment, services and facilities, access, design concepts. Passenger terminals, interchange problems, flow routes, passenger and baggage handling, concessions, capacities, layouts & design standards; freight terminals, interchanges, handling, cargo flow, holding, transfer & bonds, layout & design standards; evaluation of terminal facilities.

PAVEMENT ENGINEERING (not available by distance learning)

Syllabus covers: review of basic concepts – classification of soils, physical properties, groundwater, compaction, shear strength, consolidation; site investigation – preparation and interpretation of geotechnical information; consolidation and settlement: including Skempton-Bjerrum & Stress Path methods, vertical drains; slope stability – soil and rock slopes, short- and long-term stability of cuttings and embankments; ground improvement – vibro-techniques, dynamic consolidation, grouting, chemical stabilisation, water control, geotextiles; stress analysis – elastic and plastic behaviour, stresses and displacements, soil-structure interaction; pavements – materials, properties, specifications; pavement design – flexible and rigid, semi-empirical and analytical techniques; construction – methods, maintenance, assessment techniques, management.


For further information, contact the programme leader Tom Rye on 0131 455 2210 t.rye@napier.ac.uk