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The network of operational Red Routes has already delivered tangible benefits and are establishing themselves as a proven method to make the most important roads in our area work better for everyone. We accept that Red Routes will impact on people in a range of different ways and in recognition of this, our communication and consultation plans have been strengthed continues to be a central part of delivering a sucessful scheme.


Each Red Route is unique and will affect users in different ways. We continue to work with residents, busnesses and key stakeholders so that specific impacts as well as the wider benefits of Red Routes are discussed so that everyone involved has the information they require to make an informed decision.

For further information please see our Red Route FAQ’s and Links Page .

Consultation Plan

Before a Red Route is introduced, each scheme will have its own consultation plan in place to enable the views of those affected to be expressed and suggestions to be considered. To find out more about specific consultation processes for pending Red Routes, please contact the appropriate District. Their contact details can be found on our General Contacts Page .

Emerging Consultation Issues

A number of common issues have been identified and we have taken action to address these as follows.

Sign Clutter – Our guidelines for implementation have been amended that smaller signs are required and the spacing of the signs has been increased so that fewer need to be installed. We are also actively looking to remove surplus signs from previously implemented routes.

Operating Restrictions – We are exploring new ways of consulting those people most affected to try and ensure that everyone’s needs are addressed and accommodated as far as possible.

Effective Consultation – We have changed the way we consult with interested parties, particularly in built up areas, by holding design workshops so that the local community takes ownership of the scheme design.