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Quick Wins - Update


Congestion costs businesses in the West Midlands c. £20,000 each per year and is estimated to cost the West Midlands economy upwards of £2.2 billion every year. Journeys can be slow and travel times are unpredictable. And this is set to get worse…

Quick Wins

In 2008, the West Midlands Local Authorities, Centro and the West Midlands Business community worked together to launch the Quick Wins initiative. Businesses were encouraged to submit suggestions of places on the road network where they believed small interventions could make an improvement to journey speeds and reliability. The objective is to deliver benefits to all road users.

Quick Win Suggestions – Results

The results of the analysis of the Quick Win suggestions submitted can be viewed via the link below.

On-Going Quick Win Suggestions

It is our intention that the Quick Wins initiaitve is on-going and therefore we continue to welcome Quick Win suggestions for consideration. The form to submit a suggestion is attached below, please email your responses to Congestion@Centro.org.uk

Further Information

For further information on Quick Wins please contact Katie Teasdale, West Midlands Business Transport Group at k.teasdale@birminghamchamber.org.uk